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Unit of nutrition physiology and human nutrition


The unit of nutrition physiology and human nutrition aims to clarify questions concerning physiology, biochemistry and pathophysiology of nutrition. The activities focus on prevention and dietary treatment of nutritional associated diseases with nutrients and other physiological potent dietary supplements. The department additionally deals with food law requirements of dietary supplements as well as dietary and functional food and with the assessment of alternative nutrition from the physiological point of view. Furthermore topics based on scientific and evolutionary theory are in concern.

The main field of activity is the realisation of clinical trials with humans, whereas three methodical approaches are basically relevant in this regard:

  • examination of the bioavailability of nutrients and other food components,
  • randomised and placebo-controlled intervention trials with food and food components according to the GCP guidelines (Good Clinical Practice),
  • epidemiologic cross sectional trials particularly with regard to the nutritional status of a selected group of people.

The unit also supports companies in processing and validation of new products with respect to regulations of the Nutrition and Health Claims on Foods ((EC) No 1924/2006).